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My Mother at 94–Please Hurry Up and Die

There are good deaths; there are bad deaths. My mother is having a bad one, and she doesn’t deserve it. Thanks to modern medicine many people get a decade, or so, of “bonus” years where they can enjoy active, healthy … Continue reading

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Love the Person, Hate the Illness

  We invited our son, who has a mental illness, to a birthday dinner. I knew it would be difficult–even if everything went well–because being with him sometimes exacerbates my own illness of depression. When I look at him, I see the type of … Continue reading

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“Hurt People, Hurt People”

  There are times upon hearing bad news, I think: Good, as in, Good, I am glad for your misfortune. Am I embarrassed by my malicious meanderings? Yes, of course, and I truly wish they would disappear into left-sock heaven … Continue reading

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The Magic Words

Try getting into a hospital—that is if you want or need to. Today with the closure of many state hospitals, people, who previously would have been patients, are winding up homeless or as inmates in prisons—the new version of state … Continue reading

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