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“Boop boop dit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!”–Little Fishes and Brain Dumps

  By golly, there are parallel universes right here on this planet. Looking at the fish in the tank, searching for food, oblivious to me and all things human, I thought no need to watch movies with aliens in space … Continue reading

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This subject leads straight up the wazoo, resulting in brains exploding among professionals, patients, and family members alike. I have my opinion, and you probably know which direction I’m heading if you’ve been following my posts at all. With that … Continue reading

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You Never Know

It’s weird … just weeks ago, I came down with the green monster—jealousy—and ran a short, simmering, low-grade “fever” as a result. I felt envious over a friend’s normal life, her two normal kids. Then bam!–one winds up in shackles, … Continue reading

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