As Good As It Gets

Being an avid news junkie, I have an excuse for having a mental illness. Does it seem like there is more chaos going on in the world of late? At first glance it appears so, but in thinking it over, I’ve concluded this has always been a wacked-out world with uncertainties and disasters killing off loved ones as if they were less than zero. We don’t see these catastrophes coming because there is no way we can, and I’m referring to the dreaded calls-in-the-night variety. Each of us has lived through our own battles, but they are all the same on a basic level, since pain is pain. The only thing I’ve learned, from my own traumas, is empathy; still, I would have gladly done without the suffering. In fact, I’m one of those people who regrets being born. Yes, I would have preferred to have skipped over the whole shebang.

During this past week, I’ve read of a U.S. soldier killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan; mass murders in Syria by government forces; senseless, multiple homicides in the U.S.; and some jerkoff shooting someone for cutting him off on the highway. I no longer try to make sense out of these atrocities. Why bother? Nothing has changed since egg met sperm and I’m not referring to humankind alone, but all life. The strong feeds on the weak and that is the way it is, which, by the way, is not necessarily bad. It just is. Some people deal with these incomprehensible acts through religion, others resign themselves to the fates: “wrong time, wrong place.” Others take up arms and try to right the wrongs of the world. As for me, I’m in the resignation camp, hold little judgment—at least I try. That doesn’t mean I don’t take a stand on issues close to my heart. I just know sometimes you win and sometimes you lose because justice is elusive, culturally based, and changes with a gust of wind.

On the other hand, I do feel fortunate to have lived during the latter 20th and early 21st centuries when things were relatively good–comparatively speaking. If you look at history, we have had it easy in Western society. Oh, we’ve had the usual wars and conflicts, but we also have indoor plumbing, antibiotics, and a system that makes an attempt to help the less fortunate. Sure I can complain (and I do) that enough isn’t being done, but when I think of how it was and still is today in some of the underdeveloped parts of the world (particularly for women and the mentally ill), I feel privileged. So, this is as good as it gets. Agree? Disagree?


About waywardweed

I am a consumer and parent of two sons, one with a mental illness and the other a third-year law student.
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3 Responses to As Good As It Gets

  1. mary f says:

    Sometimes I feel like you’re reading my mind. I appreciate the way you tell it like it is. Much of what you write is based on truth I feel I dare not say outloud. I read early on in the beginnings of dealing with mental illness that those who are mentally ill feel things to the depth of their soul that ‘normal’ people don’t even know exists. You have the insight, wisdom and ability to express what is going on deep inside. I save your blogs for support.

  2. waywardweed says:

    Hi Mary–I have no idea about people with MI feeling things more than so-called normal people do, but I’ll take the praise, anyway. In terms of writing for this blog, it’s very difficult for me to come up with ideas since I don’t want to dwell on the same thing (which I am inclined to do–my ill son). I try to venture off, on occassion, into tangents, some funny, some serious like this post.

  3. I feel much the same way about the world, but I have also started to find where I belong and can add joy to this messed up place.

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