Weirdo! Weirdo! Weirdo!

We shunned the local retard at our parents’ insistence. “But, Mom, I like him.” “Sorry, sweetie, stay away.” Dumb weirdo.

A neighborhood child, post-polio, walked with a limp. No more friends. Crippled weirdo.

Daddy said I shouldn’t play with my Negro classmate. She had a brother. Dangerous weirdo.

The chronic section of the asylum housed the hopeless ones, masturbating in public. I laughed at them. Crazy weirdos.

My landlady, a nurse, turned down buying a building because a child nearby had Down Syndrome. Must be contagious. Sick weirdo.

A woman coping with residual encephalitis locked herself out of her house. No one helped. Scary weirdo.

My mentally-ill son asked a museum employee if they had sculptures inside. “No,” he lied. My son, the weirdo.

Old fogies, on a park bench, sit with nothing better to do. I’ll never be like them. Guess again. Old weirdo.

Weirdo. Weirdo. Weirdo.


About waywardweed

I am a consumer and parent of two sons, one with a mental illness and the other a third-year law student.
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6 Responses to Weirdo! Weirdo! Weirdo!

  1. Justine-Paula Robilliard says:

    It is so sad that we as a society label people as such, no doubt I would be considered a weirdo for being trans, for being male and wearing women’s clothing in public. Does not matter the reason, in some people eyes, I am a monster. Can I do anything about this, no, I cannot, make up might help, or might not, it may make things better or worse, depending on how good/bad my make skills are, and right now they would make me a monster mostly, great for Halloween, as for the rest of the year, not a good idea!!!

    • waywardweed says:

      We are all weird in some way. It’s best to remember the saying: “What others say about me when I am not around is none of my business.” Also it is always the “other one” who is weird. Of course, we are all the “other one” to others.

  2. exiledtyke says:

    You prompt so many memories of times I behaved in these ways myself. My views changed rapidly when I began working with youngsters and adults with learning disabilities and physical diabilities, when found myself onthe same side as the rejected, when I found myself on the same side as those being shunned or ridiculed or pointed at or laughed at. Weird that I never saw life that way before those things included me. As you say, we’re all weird in some way.

  3. We are instinctually repulsed by everything that doesn’t fit in our image of the world… It’s sad, very sad.

  4. daniheart21 says:

    Yeah… I know a little about this weirdo stuff. sighs… good to call it like it is. 🙂

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