'Beautiful Blogger Award’!

I would like to thank Stoning Demons ( ) for nominating me for this award. Please check out her site, particularly if you are dealing with PTSD or know someone who is. You will find it well-written, thought provoking, and organized, the latter of which is always a huge plus. Thanks again to Stoning Demons.

I am supposed to write six things about myself so here goes, in no particular order: I am a wife, mother of two sons, one a lawyer and one with a mental illness (schizo-affective disorder) which, so far, keeps him from working. I also have had a life-long battle with depression and migraines. As a result of my backround, I am a staunch advocate for better treatment for people with mental illnesses. I love to read, am a fan of everything from the 1940s, including music and films. I love cats (I have two) and I have curly toes. I probably wrote more than six things, but so what?

I am passing on this award to Quantum Physics because she is very versatile and writes so well on an innumerable number of subjects including mental health. Her website is: .

I would like to thank Sweetempranillo ( for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Like me, she writes about mental illness and the stress it puts on families. She is also an expert on wine. So if you like to imbibe, check out her site for well-written posts.

1.Pass the award on to eleven new recipients who have blogs with under 200 followers.
2.Post a copy of the badge on your blog (by typing “Liebster Award” into Google images you will find plenty to choose from).
3.Include links to the originating blog as well as your new nominees.
4.Notify the new recipients of their nomination.
5.No tag backs
6.Post eleven facts about yourself.
7.Answer questions posted by your nominator.
8.Post questions to your nominees.

Okay. The following are the question from my nominator along with my answers.

1.What is your current ‘big project’? A novel. Aren’t we all.
2.Where would you like to live if money and family obligations were of no consequence? Exactly where I am ’cause I’d have to take my head with me.
3.Do you have a favorite childhood memory (before 13 years of age)? Going to the circus. I wanted the night to never end.
4.What non-profit do you like to support (time or money)? Anthing having to do with mental illness. I especially like NAMI and the Brain & Behavior Research Research Foundation (BBR).
5.Is there a goal that directs your life? Helping those with MI
6.Would you prefer to make a meal at home or eat out? Out, definitely.
7.What is your beverage of choice to have with that meal? Iced tea if its evenings. I gave up sodas–don’t want the sugar or chemicals in diet types.
8.When is the best time for you to write? Mornings
9.Have you ever been to an auction? Yes. Once.
10.Which fictional character would you most identify yourself with? Don’t know.
11.Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Coffee mostly.

Eleven facts about myself:

1.I have been been married forever.
2.I have 2 children
3.I’ve worn glasses since I’m eleven.
4.I am a fan of everything from the 1940’s.
5.I love cats
6.I have curly toes.
7.I love to read.
8.I am writing a novel.
9.I am very lazy.
10.I met my husband on a psych ward.
11.I stink at anything involving electronics.

Question for my nominees all involve favorites:

1.what is your favorite season of the year? cream flavor?
5.t.v. show? to live?
9.vacation? color?
11.eye color?

I have passed the award on to the following people:



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