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Pit bulls and Mental Illness

What’s the connection? Not much, except for two possibilities: both are misunderstood and feared. Up until the 1930’s, pit bulls were associated with kids. (Remember the Our Gang series or the mascot for Buster Brown shoes? Both were pit bulls.) … Continue reading

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Is It Normal?

When your child is born the first sentence out of your mouth is: “Is it normal?” There is relief and gratitude when they tell you yes. Then twenty years later a bomb drops at the time your child is about … Continue reading

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They Just Don’t Like Us

Three years ago a clubhouse, Granite Pathways, opened in Manchester, N.H. to help people struggling with mental illnesses deal with the isolation, housing, and work issues that come with the territory, and all this without government funds. Unfortunately, a few … Continue reading

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Weirdo! Weirdo! Weirdo!

We shunned the local retard at our parents’ insistence. “But, Mom, I like him.” “Sorry, sweetie, stay away.” Dumb weirdo. A neighborhood child, post-polio, walked with a limp. No more friends. Crippled weirdo. Daddy said I shouldn’t play with my … Continue reading

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“Researcher Discovers The Genomic Mechanism Behind Schizophrenia”

Link to an article on the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation website: another piece of the puzzle: http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2013/01/researchers-discover-the-genomic-mechanism-behind-schizophrenia-2527808.html

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What’s Worse–Depression Or Psychosis?

The first time I stepped onto a psych unit, it was obvious there were two types of people: those with depression and those with psychosis. People falling within the depression umbrella carried the world on their stooped shoulders, that is, … Continue reading

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A Sort-Of Poem On Why I Seldom Write

Writing is difficult. I’m lazy. I’m working on a novel. How often can you say the same thing? My blog isn’t anonymous; I have to be careful. And last, but not least, I’m not a grandmother. Duh? Actually this is … Continue reading

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