I am the parent of two sons, one a recent law-school graduate, studying for the bar exams in MA and RI. The other has schizo-affective disorder for almost twenty years. I find the challenges of dealing with such a devastating illness extremely difficult; in fact, they are beyond my coping abilities. As a result I often feel alone. At this point I am blogging to get some relief.


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  1. tomschronicles says:

    Yes. Blogging does help. Helps the mind focus, and sort things out. It is a good thing what you are doing.

  2. john bourne harbour says:

    excellent writing– my wife and i also have a son with a schizo-affective diagnosis– we are twelve years down the road since he was first diagnosed and he has grown into a peaceful, loving, beautiful man– mental illness is normally very public in my family and we attempt to stay informed, open to change and tolerant of those that are not– again, your writing is excellent and the kind of writing that people dealing with mental illness need to read–

  3. Writing is one of the most therapeutic ways of sorting through a problem. It enables you to see the words out in front of you – the same words that you had thought only moments ago. When these words hit the paper, you have the opportunity to disown them and see them as just words, just thoughts, not a reflection of who you are or who you want to be. I also think it’s a brave thing to write this blog, you are obviously a very brave woman and you should be proud as I am sure your whole family is.

  4. mary f says:

    I am the mom of a 33 yr.old M.I. son. He didn’t suddenly wake up to it at 20 like some kids do. I could see from the time he was an infant that he was different. I feel better to see that there is someone out there who feels very much the same as I do with my feelings of dealing with it. I hear what you are saying. I don’t think it is acceptable for a mom to expose how she really feels about her mentally ill child and I always wondered if I’m the only one with negative ruminations going on in my head. I think we need to tell all and let people hear what it’s really like.

  5. I also find blogging to be tremendously therapeutic. The community of mental health bloggers here are intelligent and sympathetic. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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  7. stuff I said says:

    I am glad you stopped by my blog. I will be back to read here often.

  8. survivor55 says:

    I have no idea why, but suddenly your comments to others are showing up in my email as coming from your blog, which I’ve never visited before (that I can remember) and which I’m not following. As far as I know, you’re not following me either, so I don’t know what’s going on!! Do you? This is very strange!! 🙂

  9. wmfcblog says:

    I am glad you found my blog, thanks for the comments. We are completely new to the world of MI. I appreciate any info from those who have been in the trenches awhile. My son has been diagnosed younger than yours. My hope right now is that we can get him through high school. It is so strange to say this, when formerly he has been an honors student; he now qualifies for special education services! His high school, BTW the #1 ranked high school in our state, has said that they are seeing such an increase in students diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi- polar. They have no idea how to deal with these students, as it hasn’t really been seen the the high school population before. I wonder why it is hitting kids younger and younger these days, and why does it seem to affect the best and brightest-the so called gifted kids, in particular?
    Your blog is a great read, I am sure I will be back for more. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you are unfamiliar with it details are on my current blog. Your journey as consumer and family member has my deepest respect, thank you for blogging about MI. Best, Susan/Sweetempranillo

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