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Stay Out Of My Basketball Court

Okay. I get it. The metaphor was apt and he made his point. In our last phone conversation, my son spoke the words in the post’s title, and so in acquiescing to his wishes, I will no longer help, unless … Continue reading

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Stuck In A Groove

He called again and like before, I felt my head explode from his verbal jackhammer.  Slow down, I wanted to tell him. Speak softer and while you’re at it, please change the subject. But no, it’s always the same tiresome … Continue reading

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A Dirty Word And A Bag Of Tricks

We all do it, especially in the morning—privately and in the bathroom. Why am I writing about this? Actually, I’m not. It’s merely a prelude to one of my coping mechanisms, potty jokes, a proclivity keeping me like the South … Continue reading

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